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I'm trying to figure out how to add more metadata slots to your profile as an instance admin

Moving to 🎉, starting with ElementaryOS due to the UI design and being Ubuntu based means I have some knowledge on how to do basic stuff.

And to people who want Arch, no, I am not going to get into a complicated mess yet. I said it.

was it a good idea to open my instance for signups via approval

happy to everyone o/

i might consider myself a sysadmin, idk

greylisting is the absolute worst of shit
change my mind
i was questioning why my verification email didn't come through
then realized i have to wait 20 minutes because rspamd is a piece of shit greylisting everything on first interaction

the federated timeline is the most awkward piece of garbage sometimes

too much nsfw in my timeline had to block a domain pfft

If anyone has any knowledge on how a project you manage or are involved in manages signing, please hit me up

The Audacity devs hate me, and blocked me after saying this 2 times in a discussion because it was getting deleted:
"1. Why are you under an anonymous name? Are you scared of criticism? 2. We already lost trust due to CLA, the privacy policy, <link to musescore downloader drama>..."
The one with "You can't perform this action at this time" is my @semisol account, the other is another random one.


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