KeePassXC is nice
I use a setup where my laptop is a git remote and I push/pull from my desktop updates.
I have a script that commits everything and pushes it, as the main point is to have revisions of things and keep it in sync.

I plan on starting a Gemini site, what software should I use?

@tenacity which human being has mentioned the bird site on mastodon
you shall be sentenced to logout

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Bad toot 

Zero emissions is when nobody is allowed to fart anymore

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I'm curious what kind of #DesktopEnvironment are you using? A traditional GTK desktop with title and menu bars or a simple one with headerbars and a menu button?

Note: Some DEs like Cinnamon or Budgie are less complete. In this case it depends on what's installed besides that:
XApps or MATE apps?
-> traditional Cinnamon
GNOME (style) apps?
-> simplistic Cinnamon
The same applies to stand-alone WMs (i3, etc)

#poll #DesktopPoll #Linux / #BSD
Boosts appreciated to get more accurate results!

@benjaminpaikjones My opinion
If you know a bunch of instances:
I would recommend you try to understand what their interests are and what will they mostly use the instance for. This would prevent people having to migrate accounts.

just made @key, posts autogenerated meows (small easter egg too), every 15 minutes
most posts are unlisted (so that 1 public post per hour)

@ryo @tenacity it's personal preference, who cares

I hate light mode mostly at night 😁

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