Moving to 🎉, starting with ElementaryOS due to the UI design and being Ubuntu based means I have some knowledge on how to do basic stuff.

And to people who want Arch, no, I am not going to get into a complicated mess yet. I said it.

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And I know my friends are going to yell at me.

@semisol Agree, Ubuntu (or Ubuntu/Debian based) is easier for new people as for everything is a guide and installers are the easiest on earth.

However, I would recommend Arch Linux for advanced uses and if you want to control the system conpletly yourself.

Another distro is Alpine which is know for it's small size and the flexibility.

Short: For the most use cases — there is a distro.

@fossdd I plan on moving to Arch when I need to, I don't need to go full on custom yet.

@semisol yes. I love this customization. And can't really go without it.

@fossdd I would like to install Arch but it is too complicated for me right now.
And I am moving from Mac for customizability and say a "fuck you" to vendor lockins.

@semisol For macOS users, elementaryOS is a good choice. You could feel more like macOS under Linux. Of course, you don't have to jump directly from macOS to Arch Linux. I also don't myself.

@fossdd Yep, I don't think it is going to be too hard considering 95% of my software was installed from Homebrew which is mostly open source and probably should have Linux alternatives.

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